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You are a courageous person because you belong to a sign ruled by planet Mars. However, at some instances, rage can be seen in your behavior. You are a sharp minded person because of the impact of Sun on your education house. Venus impacts the house of money, which indicates pleasure for you in financial status and luxury of life. Lord of destiny, Jupiter makes you lucky and spiritual. On the other hand, Saturn is favorable making you a hard-worker. Mercury will make you straightforward and honest. You will be mentally and physically strong. However you may not be satisfied of what you have achieved.


Due to the effect of Venus, you possess an attractive personality. You are a daring and jolly person. Presence of second lord Mercury in speech house will make your speech qualities quite effective. Additionally, you will have an unbelievable strength to learn the aspects of any subject because of the gear of the fifth house in the hands of Mercury. You can easily control any situation with your efforts. Also, you owe a feeling of responsibility. You always stay ready to take the responsibility of your family and elders with honesty as well as diligence.


It is the sign of Mercury, which states that your mental power is strong. You have strength to face the difficult situations. Gemini people are considered humorous. Flexibility can be easily seen in your behavior. You are a hard working person and doesn't get scared from struggle, this quality of yours makes you successful. Also, you are a good advisor and planner. By nature, you are hard-working, self-dependent and jolly. You utilize your money with proper planning. Savings made by you will definitely make your future bright.


Cancer sign is considered the luckiest sign amongst all and Moon is its Lord. Cancerians are quite sensitive, curious and restless in nature. You people have a feeling of giving in for your friends and family. People born under Cancer Sign are quite intelligent, attractive and hard working in nature. They are attached to their family and children. Also, you have love for art, water & sanitation related department business or botany, cotton, rice and milk business, white metal as well as Moon stone related fields could also be included.


You possess an attractive personality with broad shoulders. By nature you will remain courageous, daring and adventurous. You respect big hearted people. By nature, you are strict on your vows. You have an amazing quality of leadership. You work with intense energy. Anger should be controlled. You are an independent thinker. Discipline and principle are your ways of implementing work. You are capable of controlling yourself in terms of satisfaction and salvation. You are very ambitious, which might make you greedy sometimes. People like you are great philosophers and loves literature as well as fine arts.


You are accomplished with intelligence as well as knowledge because of being born in Virgo sign. Lord of the sign in Jupiter, which indicates knowledge and intelligence. Therefore, you might find interest in literature and arts. You are discerning, economic, strategic and sharp. There is an aura of attraction in your personality, due to which people get attracted towards you soon. However, you will be quite biased, temperamental and emotional in your behavior. You know the difference between good and bad, but you are introvert by nature. There could be a good writer, musician and fine art lover hidden inside you.


Venus is the lord of your sign. You possess an attractive personality. Morally you are good. By nature, you are sharp and respect others. With deep far sightedness, you are quite realistic as well as idealist. By nature, you are law abiding, balanced and treats everyone equally. You could be a notorious one too. You cannot bear the disdain of anyone's good. Feeling of satisfaction seems implicit in your behavior.


You look quite empowered as well as attractive. By nature you are not only tender, but also possess the traits of being jolly and impulsive. Generally, you sound rude, but somewhere you try to increase your trusting capabilities. You are too much notorious and that is why you go gaga in love. You're a lover of fine arts and dance besides that you could be a good speaker or writer. You love to work independently and interference of others irritates you. Traditions are out of your beliefs.


It is the sign of the lord of dual behavior possessing planet, Jupiter. Therefore, you could be formal or even conventional at some instances. You could be a believer of traditional views. Sometimes, you also become quite anxious as well as restless. You are honest and a believer of God, but you hates hypocrisy or sham. Additionally, you are a humanitarian and sometimes impulsive too. However, you could be lazy or slug to some extent. Though, you find keen interest in philosophy as well as occult sciences. You are a lover and gives sympathy to the people.


You could be compassionate, open-hearted, reserved or even 'tamasik', but with wittiness. Your life is full of expectations, but you hardly save anything to realize one. Generally, you carve yourself as per the situations. You are a hard working person, but at some instance you boost things too via your talkative nature. At some instance, you could be a show-off lover. You possess a quality of encouraging others, but in personal life you find it difficult to adjust with your spouse and have to follow various schemes.


You are philosophical, generic and very sympathetic, attractive in looks and cordial in behavior, due to which you can easily make friends. Anger and frustration can easily take you over, but you can also control them soon. You could be a good speaker and talkative in nature. Also, you hesitate to show your talent in the beginning. You could be intelligent, good in memory and good in accomplishing the things close to facts. There are less possibilities of getting happiness from the side of your family.


You could be religious as well as faithful because of getting birth in the sign of Pisces. Your attraction towards occult studies is quite general. Research on mysteries and unknown stuffs could add to your interests. You are an idealistic person. However, sometimes you want to lose yourself in day dreaming instead of finding a way out from the difficult truth of life. You have a feeling for social welfare. Beauty makes you drooled. Generally, you follow conservative principles, so you are superstitious for following spiritual as well as religious rituals and can be harsh too.

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